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Commercial HVAC Contractor Paramount
Your business relies on an economical and robust HVAC solution that will provide reliable performance and high operating efficiency. We understand the demands of commercial HVAC applications, and have the technical experience required to provide you with superior design build and installation services. Additionally, we are backed by York®, a multi-billion dollar company based on technical innovation and business relations in the HVAC market place.

Design Build & Installation
Every business is different. Even the same business in different locations has varied needs. We know that a department store differs greatly from a grocery store in its HVAC requirements. Even if you try to establish a high degree of standardization throughout your buildings, you need a contractor who can help combine standardization with a sound understanding of different applications. Each of our jobs is different, yet each builds on the expertise we have acquired over our years of service.

Properly designed commercial HVAC systems achieve high performance levels and efficient operation. Conversely, a poorly designed system will affect load capabilities and running costs. You can rely on our commercial design build services to calculate things like part-load efficiency, unit placement and system flexibility, providing you with ideal recommendations for your specific requirements. We execute commercial HVAC installations according to code resulting in a reliable, high performance solution.

Paramount Commercial HVAC
Preventative Maintenance Paramount
W.R. Smith, Inc. provides our customers with extensive preventative maintenance plans. A commercial heating, cooling and ventilation system is no different than any other equipment: it requires attention to maintain peak running efficiency and performance levels. W.R. Smith, Inc. preventative maintenance plans cover everything from tune-ups to seasonal preps and routine filter changes. Avoid the downtime and costly repairs of a neglected heating and cooling system. Entrust us with the ongoing care of your system!

Why York® for your commercial air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality requirements?

$fullstate Commercial Air Conditioning York® has a long tradition of designing and manufacturing innovative products that are second to none in performance and value. From energy savings to enhanced comfort control, York® provides the advanced solutions that make them stand out from the rest, allowing us to perfectly meet the needs of our customers.

At W.R. Smith, Inc. we have one primary goal: The complete satisfaction of our Paramount area customers. With York® commercial air conditioning, heating and ventilation solutions, we know that our commercial customers have the very best HVAC systems keeping their businesses going. It just doesn't get much more important than that.